Beauty in Simplicity

Unknowingly, the first seeds of Kalusha were sown when I was just a six-year-old girl, sitting beside my grandmother in the family home. Guided by her and threading that first needle, the creative flare was sparked.
Honing those skills ever since, it wasn’t until I became a mother to our twin girls that the passion came to the fore and Kalusha was born.

Naturally grown, devoid of chemicals and toxins and produced in a way that respects the environment, our stonewashed linen is weaved and sown by specially-selected small European family manufacturers who share the same ethics as us and bring to life our designs. Each item is created with love and attention to detail.

While essentially Kalusha is a collection of beautifully made children’s clothes, bedding and toys, it is in fact so much more than that. It’s a brand that represents our values as a family and the eco-conscious way we choose to raise our daughters. Each item that bears the Kalusha stamp is produced in a way that respects the environment and interacts fairly with all those that contribute to creating it. 

I am proud of being able to vouch for every single step in the process, with all those involved sharing our values for sustainability, fair trade and environmental protection.

We don't produce seasonal collection, we believe in the clothes that last, that you can use, keep, pass on and re-gift

While on the mission to find the softest and most natural fabrics, we acquired extensive knowledge on the way, that led us to choosing linen for our Kalusha collection to create simple and classic things for your child that will last and can be passed on. 

Each item is created with love and attention to detail.