Sustainable Values

I have a complete love affair with linen – particularly the linen that we use to create the Kalusha collection of clothes and bedding. We searched and tested many samples to find the softest 100% pure linen fabric, suitable for babies delicate skin. We stone-wash our linen to soften the fibres without using chemical softeners.

What I also love about this particular linen is its durability. In fact, it improves with age becoming even softer. Having been stone washed it’s got a beautiful wrinkle effect; it holds its colour; has amazing thermal and anti-bacterial properties and doesn’t shrink in the wash. It’s made to last generations.

Our linen is weaved from European flax. It uses little to no water to grow and is devoid of chemicals, pesticides and toxins. Every part of the plant is used. The seeds are used for oil, dyes, paint and cosmetics. The by-products of linen production are processed into a pulp used for banknotes.

Even today, while now much bigger, my girls still prefer to sleep in their beds made up with Kalusha linen sheets. As they have grown, they’ve learnt not only to appreciate the material, but also the environmental and sustainable values that Kalusha stands for. I’m proud that it is a love affair that has been passed down to my children.

What I also love about this particular linen is its durability.