It’s a lot of fun to make your own advent calendar that you can re-use year after year. It is even more fun if you can make this calendar with your kids.
This is such a great activity to keep all the kids involved and to teach bigger kids few basic sewing skills on the way.
We have used the re-positioning glue to make it more fun for the youngest kids, so they can stick the shapes onto the stockings multiple times. After Christmas, just take all the shapes off, store them and let the kids re-attach them all again the next year.


  • Printable PDF pattern here
  • White felt (wool felt preferably, as it is slightly thicker then the craft felt)
  • Selection of felt in Christmas colours of your choice for the shapes
  • Repositioning glue, like this one
  • Buttons, Ribbons, other embellishments of your choice
  • Embroidery tread (you can use normal thread, doubled)
  • Hemp String and Pegs (we bought ours here for £6, but you can use any string and normal wooden pegs. Just draw the numbers on the pegs - another activity your kids would enjoy;))
  • Scissors and wide-eyed needle for the embroidery thread (if using)

Fold the white felt in half and trace the stocking pattern. This way you will be able to cut from and back pieces at once.

Flip the pattern and position it next to the traced pattern as shown on the photo. This way you will waist as little of the felt as possible.

Follow the pattern and cut out the shapes from different coloured felt.

Decorate your shapes with buttons, ribbons or make few simple stitches in criss-cross pattern to resemble the snowflake.
If your kids are old enough to sew, show them how to sew the button onto the shape. Younger ones can use the glue to attach the embellishments (Please, supervise the little ones at all times to make this activity safe, buttons are a choking hazard!).

Using the simple running stitch and embroidery tread sew two half sides of the stocking together, leaving the opening at the top

Spray the back of the embellished shapes with repositioning glue. 
Let your kids stick them to the stockings.
You can decorate your wooden pegs and get your kids to write the numbers.
We have used the store bought pegs that we already had and you can follow the link here to the Amazon page.
And you are done!

Try to be imaginative when filling the advent calendars. Rather than chocolate treats every day you could add hand written notes or IOU’s for Christmas experiences such as baking Christmas cookies together.
Older children may like pieces of Lego, (you could buy a Lego set and divide it into 24 pieces so that your child could build it day by day), or do the same but with jigsaw puzzle pieces.
Older girls may like bath bombs, lip balm, hair bobbles and scrunchies.
Other ideas include stationary items, stickers or a special Christmas tree decoration marked with the year so that children can collect them annually, then as an adult they will have a Christmas tree full of childhood Christmas memories.

Wishing you the very Merry Christmas!