Goose Wooden Push Toy


Let's make a friend to take on the great walk! From tiny steps across the greatest indoors to the long adventures in the park and beyond!

Encourage active play while training coordination and concentration.

Made from sustainably harvested birch wood, painted with natural Milk Paint and polished with raw linseed oil to provide your baby with a safe toy that is made to last.

It is crafted to be passed down generations.

Our Goose Wooden Push Toy is made by hand from 100% natural, biodegradable materials to be kind to our planet.

Height 7 3/5” (19 cm), length 6 4/5” (17 cm)

Length of the stick for pushing 26" (65 cm)


We have teamed up with amazing Sigita and Donatas at ‘FriendlyToys’ to bring you their amazing creations in our exclusive Kalusha colours.

The toys are made from sustainable wood and painted using non-toxic all natural linseed oil and milk paints.

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